Olsen Twins Describe Breakfast In "Oprah" Snooze-fest (VIDEO)

Such a letdown! The press-shy Olsen twins dropped by Oprah Thursday and managed to say almost nothing of interest in a half-hour segment.

The below clip begins 16 minutes into the show with Ashley (on the left) and Mary-Kate. It's a several-minute dissection on exactly what and when they eat their breakfast (7 am scooped out bagels with light whipped cream cheese and an 11 am omelet, respectively), after they said how busy their schedules are. They are now out promoting their book "Influence" and they design two lines of clothes. See if you can make it to the end of the dairy v. soy and bagel-toasting discussion.


Mary-Kate wasn't asked about her friend Heath Ledger's death, despite her proximity.

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