We Can Now All Smell As Awesome As Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen

The Olsen twins have not one but two new perfumes hitting the market, the first foray into fragrance for their brand Elizabeth & James. The fragrance duo, called Nirvana, is a reflection of the chic sisters' understated yet totally luxurious style sensibility. Also, it's a reflection of the fact that they smell really, really good.

Speaking about the creative process behind Nirvana to Women's Wear Daily, Ashley Olsen said that she brought her shampoo, conditioner, lotion, oils and even her deodorant to the initial meetings. The reasoning? "People would always say I smell good, but it was really a combination of those things rather than a specific fragrance," she said.

But of course. From the sound of it, you can get an Ashley-like aroma from Nirvana White, the lighter of the two scents, while Mary-Kate favors the "darker and more masculine" smell of Nirvana Black. (Which one has the top notes of cigarettes and Starbucks coffee?)

Either way, we're just thrilled to have a bit of the Olsen magic rub off on us without having to buy a pair of $2,290 leather leggings by The Row. You can score a 50 ml. bottle of Nirvana at Sephora for just $75.

We'll never not love them:

Olsen Twins' Style Evolution

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