The Olsens And Their Giant Coats DGAF About Weather Forecasts

They cannot and will not be held back by a silly thing like seasons.
07/28/2016 09:12am ET | Updated July 28, 2016

‘Twas a balmy Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, where the local weather 86 degrees, when three Olsens delighted fans with a rare appearance in the wild.

While the rest of us were sweating and chafing our you-know-whats off in shorts and T-shirts, the Olsen twins were seemingly quite comfortable wearing giant unseasonable coats.

Donato Sardella via Getty Images
Mary-Kate, Elizabeth, and Ashley Olsen, dressed for a mix of seasons. 

Actress Elizabeth Olsen, who was wearing a slightly less enveloping but still puzzling jacket, joined her fashion designer sisters to celebrate the opening of their new flagship Elizabeth and James store, located at The Grove.

“But it can get cool at night in L.A.!” you cry. Fair enough. So let’s examine the outfits of a few other attendees, shall we?

Donato Sardella via Getty Images
With Kristie Streicher, Ashley Streicher and Jenn Streicher, who are dressed for summer. 
Donato Sardella via Getty Images
Chriselle Lim also dressed for warm weather. 
Donato Sardella via Getty Images
As did Kimberly Pesch. 

The proof is in the appropriately-dressed, sleeveless pudding. And yet we still find ourselves yearning for a long cream coat all of a sudden.

Proof The Olsen Twins Can Do No Wrong
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