Former Spanish Politician, Olvido Hormigos, Poses Topless To Shut Up Critics (PHOTO, NSFW)

The latest edition of the Spanish magazine Interviú has given much to talk about after it included a photo of the former Spanish socialist councilwoman Olvido Hormigos semi nude on the cover.

The picture shows the ex political leader who used to represent the city of Los Yébenes, Toledo region, on her knees looking to a side, wearing only a pair of transparent pink panties and high heels. In the interview with the magazine she confessed she took the picture to demonstrate she can do “whatever she wants with her body." (CAUTION: IMAGE NSFW BELOW)

The decision came after a controversy sparked in Spain over the publication of a sex tape of herself that Hormigos had sent to a football player in September 2012 with whom she maintained a romantic relationship for three months.

In February, the councilor also decided to step down from her political role due to the enormous pressure and critiques she received after the video was released publicly.

Now Hormigos, 42, says she only hopes the person responsible for the publication of the images pays for it, and looks forward to putting it all in the past.

"All I want is that 'the soccer player’, the recipient of the video who I [dated] for three months and that now walks around the town as usual, pays for it," she said in the interview with Interviú. "People would think I am made of ice, but it was horrible, although I had to get on with my life."

In the end, the former politician says she has been able to get over it and move on with her life.

"Everybody has been saying for months that I was going to do it... Now I can laugh if they make jokes about the video," she said.

(CAUTION: IMAGE NSFW) olvido hormigos topless



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