Olympic Pole Vaulter Harry Coppell's Accident Reveals Danger Even After Safe Landing

A practice attempt went awry and his face wasn't the same.

Good thing pole vaulters don’t need their teeth to compete, because Harry Coppell just smashed a few at the Tokyo Olympics.

Coppell posted video on Instagram of the accident (click the right arrow for the second clip) ― in which he lands safely in the practice attempt but cannot stop the bar from crashing onto his mouth.


“I hope @tokyo2020 has a good dentist around,” the British competitor wrote.

Coppell, the 22nd ranked pole vaulter in the world, eventually did see a dentist. The visit turned into an all-night ordeal and left him without a tooth and part of another one ― but with his sense of humor intact.

“I’m gonna tell people I was in a bar fight....” he wrote on his story with a photo of the results.