World's Dumbest Bank Robber Can't Figure Out How Doors Work

One of the suspects in an Omaha heist almost didn't make it.

Police in Omaha are looking for a pair of suspects wanted in a bank robbery -- but if the video released to the public is any indication, it shouldn't be too hard to find at least one of them.

It looks like he has trouble with doors:

The alleged robbers are seen on video released by Omaha Crime Stoppers entering the bank, but the second one is flustered by the door, which in this case is operated correctly by "pulling" it open.

He has so much trouble that he spends a full 9 seconds trying to open the door with no success. Eventually, the second suspect has to return and open the door for him, as the video shows.

Here it is from another angle:

The two suspects then proceeded to rob the bank and flee, this time with no trouble opening the door.

Perhaps the large and friendly letters PUSH TO EXIT helped.

Police are looking for a man and a woman in connection with the robbery, saying the pair took an undisclosed amount of money and then fled in a silver Ford Escape which was later recovered and found to have been stolen, according to WOWT, the NBC station in Omaha.

Anyone with information about the pair is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (402) 444-STOP.

(h/t LiveLeak)

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