'Omaha Girls Rock' Summer Camp Turns Teen Girls Into Rock Stars (VIDEO)

Apparently, there is a real-life camp in Omaha that is even cooler than "Camp Rock," the musical summer camp of your Disney dreams.

"Omaha Girls Rock" is a nonprofit camp for teens who want to become rockin' musicians, while learning about self-reliance and self-respect in a supportive, healthy environment of women.

The campers don't need any musical experience to participate, and this is how their days are broken down according to the official site.

Every day they will receive instruction in their chosen rock instrument (guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards or drums); attend two workshops on subjects ranging from self-esteem to songwriting; and have rehearsals guided by a “band manager” (counselor) in preparation for the final showcase.

The camp is girls-only, so it's safe to say that the Jonas Brothers won't be making any guest appearances at their "final jam." But that's for the best -- these young rockers are clearly too badass for boy bands.

(h/t Jezebel)



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