Omar Amin, Grandfather Kicked Out Of Barnes & Noble Children's Books Section, Claims Discrimination

A grandfather who was kicked out of a Barnes & Noble in Scottsdale, Ariz., says he was discriminated against for being a man.

Omar Amin, 73, was shopping for books for his grandchildren when a store manager asked him to leave the store and explained men weren't allowed to shop alone in the children's section, according to the Arizona Republic. A shopper had allegedly felt uneasy about Amin's presence and reported him to employees.

Amin, who says he was on the phone when he was approached, maintains that he wasn't doing anything wrong.

“There was no sign posted that said men are not allowed in the children's book area," he told MSNBC.

When the Arizona Republic contacted the company for comment, a representative said the worker "acted appropriately."

The statement, obtained by ABC-15, states:

...We should not have done so. It is not our policy to ask customers to leave any section of our stores without justification. We value Dr. Amin as a customer and look forward to welcoming him in any of our stores.

But now Amin, who says he was humiliated by the implications of his actions, wants a public apology from the manager himself, the station reports.

Regardless, Cafe Mom blogger Jeanne Sager notes the association is unfortunate.

I am sick and tired of the tired old "man around kids must be a pedophile" reaction. It's unfair to the millions of males in this world who wouldn't dream of such base and disgusting actions. And when you consider there are female pedophiles out there, it's far too simplistic.

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