Omar Borkan Al Gala, Emirati Man, Deported From Saudi Arabia For Being Too Handsome? (PHOTO)

PHOTOS: Was This Man Deported For Being Too Handsome?

Note to Justin Timberlake: If you're planning on bringing sexy back, don't bring it through Saudi Arabia.

The middle eastern country made headlines earlier this month after supposedly deporting three men for being too handsome. (There were reportedly concerns their good looks would prove too tempting for Saudi women.) At the time, we had no names for the Emirati men and, therefore, no pictures of these gentlemen to corroborate the steamy allegations.

While we still have no official names, the Internet has run amok with speculation one of the men is Omar Borkan Al Gala, a self-described "photographer, actor, poet," who posted a link to the story on Facebook and commented, "this is what written [sic] in newspapers in over the world :)."

Conclusive proof? Hardly. Al Gala has yet to return inquiries from The Huffington Post, but plenty of other outlets have had fun with the rumors.

Jezebel croons, he's "really, really ridiculously good looking." And while New York Magazine also acknowledges a failure to confirm Al Gala is the guy, it is eager to "corroborate his dreaminess."

Regardless of the rumor's veracity, Al Gala seems seems happy to bask in the glow of the media attention, posting a series of glamour shots on Facebook and Flickr. (One minute he's posing mysteriously with a camel; the next, he's glancing just past the camera, wearing only a silver chain and a Mona Lisa smile.)

Should this all prove to be an opportunistic public relations stunt, as The Telegraph speculates, remains to be seen.

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