Photographs Of Dancers In Motion Show The Beauty Of Ballet In Urban Settings

Omar Z. Robles has earned nearly 45,000 Instagram followers by patiently waiting for the perfect interplay of limb in air.

For months, the 34-year-old photographer has documented dancers performing in gritty urban environments, where the contrast between an elegantly outstretched leg and a graffiti-smothered wall makes for arresting photography.

In a video profile on Mashable, New York-based Robles photographs dancers in motion: some mid-leap, others spinning on a single leg with the speed of a top. "I'm in love with how you can express and create all these beautiful lines and movements with just the human body," he says in the clip.

The photographer's first foray into visual storytelling happened through the art of mime theatre. Robles studied under Marcel Marceau at L’École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris Marcel Marceau. "Later, as I went to college to acquire my B.A in Communications and Arts, I discovered in photography a new way of telling stories without words," he writes on his website.

As for the rest of his portfolio, Robles focuses on street photography in NYC, capturing snapshots of the residents of Harlem in his "Sunday's Best" series and miscellaneous cosmopolitan scenes in his daily "TODAY" collection. For more of Robles' work, head to Instagram or scroll down for a selection.



Ballet Dancers Changing the Landscape