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Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Lands New Editor Position, Sets Return To 'Celebrity Apprentice'


Reality TV star Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth has traded in her producing and unscripted drama duties for a new role as West Coast Editor of Reality Weekly magazine. The glossy launched its premiere issue and companion website on Jan. 2 and serves as the first weekly magazine devoted exclusively to reality shows and their stars.

The former "Apprentice" and "Ultimate Merger" star will bring to the position her wealth of reality television experience of appearing in more than 20 shows, including the "Celebrity Apprentice," "Surreal Life," "Fear Factor" and "Girls Behaving Badly," and her duties will include attending exclusive red carpet events, show premieres, press junkets, and appearing as the publication's on-air correspondent to various news outlets.

"It's so interesting because I know reality television inside and out. And sometimes when I'm sitting in meetings they call me the 'reality encyclopedia,' because I've been in reality since early on," she recently explained to The Huffington Post. "I think I have more of a historical perspective, and I have amazing relationships with people in reality as well, from producers, directors, camera guys, fellow reality castmates, networks, publicists... And I've done 20-plus reality shows."

The publication's Editor-in-Chief Richard Spencer feels confident in having the veteran reality star among his staff of editors thanks to her proven track record. "In my mind, Omarosa is the first star of reality TV," he wrote in a press release. "She captivated a nation with her tough, yet vulnerable persona on 'The Apprentice' and has strengthened her resume with impressive media experience that even Donald Trump would be proud of. Simply put, Omarosa, 'You're hired!'"

According to Manigault-Stallworth, the recent appointment resulted from establishing a relationship with Spencer and the magazine's publishing company American Media, Inc., in 2004 as a special correspondent for Star magazine. Her influence will not be limited to her role contributing to Reality Weekly, however. The Youngstown, Ohio-bred star will also have the opportunity to utilize her broadcast journalism degree across the company's holdings in multiple publications including Star, OK!, National Enquirer, Globe and Men's Fitness.

"My Bachelor's degree is in journalism, so I got the core and the gift of learning how to be a good writer," she said. "At the center of all this entertainment stuff is good writing, so I'm very, very blessed to have that foundation. I'm not just the West Coast editor, I actually pitch and cover stories for the magazine, so I've been able to use my background in journalism and apply it to this new position. But I think the most important thing that I bring to the table is relationships."

The reality vixen also has her sights set on a return to national television. Manigault-Stallworth will be returning to Donald Trump's boardroom in this season's finale of the "Celebrity Apprentice," and wants to pursue a role behind the scenes as well.

"I enjoyed producing 'The Ultimate Merger' with Donald Trump. The project took about two and a half years working that closely with a man who's so brilliant and so smart, it just really inspired me," she explained. "And producing as a whole is a very intriguing aspect of the business that I want to continue to pursue. I have three or four projects that are in the works in terms of contributing and producing, so I'm very blessed."

"I intend to stop by the 'Celebrity Apprentice' finale this year, which I haven't done in a couple of years. That's probably going to be the next thing coming up for me," she continued. "But other than that, I'm going to focus on being the best West Coast editor that I can possibly be and make sure Reality Weekly is a huge success."


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