Omarosa Suggests Tape Of Trump Using Racial Slur Will Come Out Before Elections

The former White House aide claimed on "The View" that she'd heard the long-rumored tape.

Since the publication of her book Unhinged last month, former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman has been steadily releasing audio clips that she argues are damning to President Donald Trump and his administration.

While dropping one of her audiotapes on Monday’s “The View,” Manigault Newman said she thinks a rumored “racial slur” tape, featuring Trump using the n-word during the making of “The Apprentice,” not only exists but will be released before the midterm elections.

“I don’t hold the tape,” Manigault Newman said. “I’ve heard the tape.”

Several people associated with the “Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” series have said they heard Trump use racist or other offensive language, but no one has provided concrete evidence.

Former “Apprentice” producer Bill Pruitt tweeted in 2016 that such tapes exist, but in subsequent posts admitted he doesn’t know where.

In Monday’s interview, Manigault Newman also introduced new audio that she’d recorded while sitting in on meetings with the president and other White House staff last year. In this tape, Trump rants that Hillary Clinton is “getting killed now with Russia” and that the “real Russia story is Hillary and collusion.”

Basically the new tape amounts to the president saying something ridiculous and unfounded. Not unlike his daily tweets.

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