Contestant On Trump-Omarosa Dating Show 'The Ultimate Merger' Spills The Beans

Even though the show was meant to find a husband for Omarosa, she was actually involved with actor Michael Clarke Duncan, according to a former cast member.

Eight years before Donald Trump called former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman a “dog,” he called her “friend” ― and even tried to find her a husband.

In 2010, the future president teamed up with Omarosa to create a short-lived reality show called “The Ultimate Merger,” according to Inside Edition.

Modeled after shows like “The Bachelor,” the show featured 12 suitors who romanced Omarosa while staying at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas (because corporate synergy).

Considering that both Trump and Omarosa have been accused of fudging the truth, maybe it’s not surprising that “The Ultimate Merger” was more like the ultimate sham, according to former contestant Eddy Puyol.

“I remember saying, ‘So wait a minute. If I win, am I really going ... to marry her?’ And they said, ‘No man, it’s just for TV,’” Puyol told Inside Edition.

Fittingly, the first season ended with Omarosa not picking anyone, according to The Wrap.

It seems the man chosen by Omarosa, R&B singer Ray Lavender, was only “legally separated” from his wife, but not officially divorced.

That turned out not to be an issue, because Omarosa was reportedly already involved with the the actor Michael Clarke Duncan, who died in 2012.

Puyol was not amused.

“Alright, we’re doing a TV show with you, but you’re already engaged to Hercules,” he told Inside Edition.

Puyol now thinks Omarosa’s current situation “feels too much like reality TV,” but isn’t sure she should be trying to troll Trump.

“I’m a big believer that you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you,” he said.



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