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Ombre Cake: How To Bake Them In Every Color (PHOTOS)

If you take a look at Pinterest, you'll quickly notice one trend: everything is ombre. On the forefront of that trend is the ombre cake -- and we just love them. Ombre cakes have become a popular choice for weddings (and rightly so), but we think everyone deserves an ombre cake -- wedding or not.

Blue, pink, yellow or orange, baking an ombre is easier than it looks. If you know how to make layered cakes, this will be a breeze. And if you're new to cake baking, the colors alone will get you through.

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Blue Ombre Petal Cake
The Hungry Housewife
Get the Blue Ombre Petal Cake recipe by The Hungry Housewife
Pastel Swirl Cake
Get the Pastel Swirl Cake recipe (and video tutorial) by Sweetapolita
Purple Ombre Rose Cake
I Heart Baking
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Key Lime Cake
Alaska from Scratch
Get the Key Lime Cake recipe by Alaska from Scratch
Green Ombre Layered Cake
Jens Just Desserts
Get the Green Ombre Layered Cake recipe by Jens Just Desserts
Orange Ombre Cake
Better With Butter
Get the Orange Ombre Cake recipe by Better With Butter
Lemon-Lemon Ombre Cake
Read Make Do
Get the Lemon-Lemon Ombre Cake recipe by Read Make Do
Strawberry Ombre Cake
Krissy's Creations
Get the Strawberry Ombre Cake recipe by Krissy's Creations
Pink Ombre Swirl Cake
Apt. 2B Baking Co.
Get the Pink Ombre Swirl Cake recipe by Apt. 2B Baking Co.
Pink Ombre Rose Cake
Culinary Couture
Get the Pink Ombre Rose Cake recipe by Culinary Couture
Pink Ombre Mini Cakes
Baking with Blondie
Get the Pink Ombre Mini Cakes recipe by Baking with Blondie
Brown Butter Pink Ombre Daisy Cake With Strawberry Jam
Raspberri Cupcake
Pink Rainbow Cake
Call Me Cupcake
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Ombre Petal Layer Cake
Made From Scratch
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Ombre Independence Day Cake
Brit & Co.
Blue Ombre Wedding Cake
Rose Bakes
Get the Blue Ombre Wedding Cake recipe by Rose Bakes