'OMG, GMO's!' Rap Song Tackles Genetically-Modified Organisms (VIDEO)

How much do you know about genetically-modified foods? A cheeky music video by David Holmes, the New York University-educated force behind the popular "Fracking Song," aims to educate the public with "OMG GMO's!," which addresses the issues surrounding the use of genetically-modified organisms.

The New York Times' Dot Earth blog has some more background on how the song came to be -- it has a lot to do with Holmes attending NYU professor Jay Rosen‘s Studio 20 digital journalism program and was produced by web site PandoDaily -- and some of the more choice lyrics:

Is it bad for us? It depends on the crop
Sometimes it’s more nutritious, sometimes it’s not
And while the pesticides don’t sound very sweet
The EPA assures us that they’re safe to eat

But people should know how their food is grown

Yet Americans don’t label GMOs
There are many different kinds of GM foods
Just saying “Made with GMOs” might not do

Now it might be too simple to say “Just ban it”
When there’s potential to help feed the planet
Weigh each crop’s impact on earth and health
And don’t use patents to screw the ones you’re out to help

Watch Holmes's rap, "OMG GMO's," below.



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