OMG Moments in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson

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American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson has been a trending topic on Twitter every week since the first episode. Due in part to all the OMG moments that make it hard to believe that this is based on a real case. American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson is based on the true story of football star O.J. Simpson. He was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. This led to one of the most publicized trials in American history. Even though we already know the outcome of the trial and all the details behind it, watching it play out on screen made it even more shocking. All the terrific performances from Cuba Gooding Jr., Sterling K. Brown, David Schwimmer, Sarah Paulson, Courtney B. Vance and John Travolta have given us some OMG moments that were amazing to watch. The series finale of the show aired Tuesday, April 5. Here is a look back at a few of shocking moments in the series.


1. O.J. going to Nicole Simpson's funeral (Episode 1)
O.J. Simpson played by Cuba Gooding Jr. was just accused of murdering his wife and then he shows up to her funeral. There were paparazzi everywhere and many of them and people at the funeral thought O.J. killed Nicole.

2. O.J. in Kim Kardashian's bedroom (Episode 1)
After O.J. had been accused of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, he spent the night at his long time friend Rob Kardashian's house. He was going to be arrested the next day for the two murders. He was depressed and tried to kill himself in one of Rob Kardashian's daughter's room, Kim.

3. O.J. on the run (Episode 2)
This has got to be one of the moments that everyone associates with the O.J. case. When the police came to Rob Kardashian's house to get O.J., he slipped through a back door. He decided to run away from the police with his childhood friend Al Cowlings (aka AC played by Malcolm Jamel Warner). Someone on the highway noticed that O.J. was in the car and they called the police. The police found O.J. on the highway and the most famous police chase takes place. During the whole chase, O.J. is in the backseat of the car with a gun to his head. There are also some very intense moments between AC and O.J. in this scene.


4. "I am not black, I'm O.J." (Episode 3)
Now, O.J. Simpson is known for being arrogant and this comment just defines his arrogance. O.J. was in jail talking to his lawyers when he made that comment. He felt like they were trying to make his case into an issue of race. He told them that that angle wouldn't work because he is not a black, he's O.J.

5. "Nigga' please" (Episode 5)
This was said by Johnnie Cochran, one of the lawyers for the defense team played by Courtney B. Vance, to Stealing K. Brown's character Christopher Darden, who was one of the lawyers for the prosecution. Darden gave his opening statement and said that the n-word should not be used in the courtroom. Darden said, "The N word is a dirty, filthy word, Your Honor. It is so prejudicial and inflammatory that the use of it in any situation will evoke an emotional response from any African-American. You mention that word to this jury, it will blind them to the truth."

Cochran got up and spoke out against Darden, saying that black people should be offended that Darden would say something like that. Cochran turned around and looked at Darden and muttered the words "nigga, please." This was one of the most intense moments in the courtroom.


6. Curls of Horror (Episode 6)
After the negative criticism in the media about the appearance of Marcia Clarke, who is played be Sarah Paulson, she decided to change her hairstyle. She ends up looking worse than before she got it done. You want to cry for Clarke as she enters the courtroom and looks like she is going to cry because everyone is making fun of her new look. Newspapers had headlines called her new hair "curls of horror."

7. Naked Marcia Clarke (Episode 6)
In the midst of Clarke being attacked in the media, her first ex-husband leaked naked pictures of her to the media and it appeared on the cover of a few magazines.

8. Johnnie Cochran's wife (Episode 7)
Clarke was not the only lawyer being attacked in the media. Cochran's ex-wife got on a television show and talked about how he assaulted her during their marriage. Cochran seemed to be untouchable until that moment.

9. Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden (Episode 7)
Darden invited Clark to his friend's birthday outing at a bar. At the end of the night when Darden walked Clark to her hotel room, he leaned in as if to kiss her. Instead, Darden said goodnight and left Clark at the door.


10. The tapes ( Episode 9)
"Any nigger driving a $300 Porsche you can stop. If you did it like they do in the academy you would never get a fucking thing done. If the suspect doesn't talk you give them a shot in the stomach and say listen, boy, I am talking to you. You see people don't want niggers or Mexicans in their town, they only want good people and anything you can do to get them out is fine. We have no niggers where I grew up." These are just a few things one of the police officers covering the O.J. case said in a recorded interview. Along with saying some sexist remarks about a female police officer that just so happened to be the wife of the judge presiding over the case. This police officer was supposed to be the star witness for the prosecution and these tapes put the last nail in the cases coffin.

11. "Release the tapes!" (Episode 9)
Cochran and leaders of the black community went on national TV and demanded that the tapes be played in the courtroom and broadcasted for the world to hear. This caused a riot by the public who also demanded that the tapes be released.

12. Christopher Darden v. Johnnie Cochran (Episode 9)
There has been tension brewing between Darden and Cochran since the beginning of the trial. Finally, the tension came to a head twice in the courtroom and had everyone shocked and the judge ready to throw Darden out. First, when Darden was questioning a witness he asked if the voice of someone that he heard yelling on the night of the murder sounded black. Cochran was offended by this comment saying you cannot tell the race of someone by their voice and objected to Darden's question. Second, when the judge said he would release the tapes of the police officer so the public can hear which resulted in the two lawyers arguing in court during the trial.

13. If the glove does not fit you must acquit (Episode 11)
The moment we have all been waiting for. If you know anything about this trial then you know about the famous black glove and that famous line. Those gloves were worn during the murder. Since it did not fit O.J., it was assumed that he did not commit the crime. Earlier in the series, the glove was brought to the case to help the prosecution, but it failed. One of the lawyers on the defense team, Robert Shapiro, who is played by John Travolta, created a plan and tricked Darden into thinking that O.J. had to try on the glove during the trial. While Cochran was giving his closing statement, he gave one of the most famous quotes in American history regarding the glove: "If it doesn't fit you must acquit."

If you missed the show then you missed out on a great thing. This is something you should definitely buy on DVD as soon as it is available. But until then check out the reruns on FX and FX demand. You can also go to to see some interviews with the cast members talking about the show, behind the scene moments and what they thought about the O.J. case.