OMG This Homemade Rainbow Mac + Cheese Recipe Will Change Your Life

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So we saw the trending rainbow grilled cheese and decided to give it a try here at B+C -- behold our rainbow grilled cheese recipe! Now we had a lot of extra cheese sauce left over, so what else is there to do besides upgrade basic baked mac and cheese and whip up bowls of homemade rainbow mac and cheese! Hallelujah! *Cue the spotlights centering in on this bowl of mac and cheese.* Here at B+C HQ, some claimed that the different colors tasted better or worse than others, however they are all the same! Once again, funny to see how the mind will play tricks when you eat foods of "not normal" colors ;)

-- box of elbow macaroni
-- 5 Tablespoons of butter
-- 3 cups of milk
-- 1 Tablespoon of salt
-- 2 cups of cheddar cheese
-- 1 cup Monterey jack cheese
-- 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
-- 1/4 cup of flour
-- food coloring


1. Mix butter, milk, cheese, flour and salt in a pot and let melt over medium heat. Stir constantly to avoid burning.

2. Pour melted cheese into four small containers and add in food coloring. Stir until combined.

3. Cook macaroni and then divide evenly into the four separate cheese sauce bowls. Toss the macaroni in the cheese until fully coated.

4. Spoon rainbow noodles into a bowl to create a glorious rainbow =)

Mix all ingredients together in a pot, and place over medium heat. This recipe is amazing and can be used to make rainbow grilled cheese, mac 'n' cheese and cheese fondue!

Stir constantly over medium heat until it is all melted. Add more milk or flour to get the cheese sauce to the right consistency.

Add a splash of food coloring into each cheese sauce, and stir until combined.

Divide macaroni evenly into the separate colored cheese and toss until fully coated.

Spoon into colorful rainbow lines, and get ready to taste the rainbow ;)

Which is better -- rainbow mac and cheese or rainbow grilled cheese? We can't decide!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden Photography: Kurt Andre