Pierre Omidyar Calls 'First Look Media' A 'New Kind Of Newsroom'

Pierre Omidyar, the eBay founder who is spearheading a new media outlet called "First Look Media" along with Glenn Greenwald and others, released a video on Monday with several new details about how the new venture will operate.

Omidyar, who invested an initial $50 million into "First Look" in December, said that the company would be a "new kind" of media that brings together technology and journalism.

"'First Look' is a marriage between a technology company and a new kind of newsroom," he said. "Our goal is to experiment, innovate and overcome existing obstacles to make it easier for journalists to deliver the transformative stories we all need."

Greenwald, most known for leading the Guardian newspaper's reporting of Edward Snowden's NSA leaks, first announced that he was leaving the Guardian to join "First Look Media" in October, along with journalists Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras. The team continued to grow as former Rolling Stone editor Eric Bates joined on in November along with writers like Dan Froomkin and Liliana Segura.

In the video, Omidyar revealed 3 things that the company has decided to launch: Multiple digital publications, a journalism support team and the creation of a separate technology company.

"We'll bring back to journalism what's been lost," he said referring to the company's structure that will have writers, editors, fact-checkers and designers all working together.

'First Look Media's' flagship website is set to launch sometime in 2014 including content covering entertainment, sports, politics and business, Omidyar said in the video.

"I am deeply committed to the success of 'First Look Media,'" Omidyar added. "I am in it for the long haul."

Note: Omidyar is CEO of Honolulu Civil Beat, which partnered with The Huffington Post to create HuffPost Hawaii. He is also on the editorial board of HuffPost's new international venture, WorldPost.

(h/t: Politico)



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