On Behalf of Hungry Children...

My southern roots have taught me that when someone does something for which you are grateful, you write a thank-you note.

We've been talking for months about the urgent need for a robust child nutrition bill and today, the Feeding America network gets to celebrate the passage of the long-awaited Healthy, Hunger-Free Families Act. The legislation will increase access to federal food programs for millions of children and improve the nutritional quality of the meals they serve. And for that, we have many, many people to thank.

So thank you, Senate Agriculture Chairman Blanche Lincoln and House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller. Thank you for your tireless efforts to get the child nutrition bill passed. You are true champions for hungry children and invaluable partners in our fight to end hunger.

Also instrumental to the process are Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and First Lady Michelle Obama. We thank you and and all members on both sides of the House and Senate who supported the passage of this remarkable child nutrition bill.

As always, Feeding America benefits from voices of thousands of supporters and advocates who help us raise awareness of the issue hunger every day. In recent months, your support has helped us get the word out to urge Congress to ensure better nutrition for children. Every phone call, every email, every conversation made a difference.

We our very grateful to our many partners in the anti-hunger and nutrition community who worked tirelessly with us throughout this process. The support for this bill went beyond the traditional hunger and nutrition community, and the efforts of education, public health, industry, and labor groups were key to the bill's success.

Finally, thank you to the Feeding America public policy and government relations staff and to every person throughout our network who pushed and pulled and prodded to build public support behind this much-needed bill.

On behalf of the 14 million hungry children served by our network of food banks and the millions more who will now have access more healthy meals, thank you all so very much.