Even at its rockiest,has had a steadfast message that we are all underdogs, and there is nothing, and no one, we cannot be. There is nothing you can't accomplish with faith, hope, dreams, drive, and a special group of friends.
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Heading into season six of Glee, Brittana fans seemed a little less than thrilled and interested. There were reports that star Naya Rivera, who plays Santana Lopez, had been downgraded to a guest star and she wasn't even featured in the season five finale. Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana didn't even have any scenes together after their glorious reunion in the blessed one hundredth episode. When your fandom has been constantly beaten down and had swipes taken at, it's not hard to feel that would be the only closure that would come for your favorite characters. So when news began to swirl around on social media sites that there may be a proposal in store for these sapphic sweeties, the Brittana fandom was almost in need of medical attention from being struck with so many feels.

The feeling storm didn't stop there, it only seemed to intensify when Naya Rivera recently hotly tweeted that she was popping a very important question while working on Glee, which seemed to all but confirm that Brittana might just get to start together and end together.

The fandom, after picking its jaw up off of the floor, was almost having one foot in the grave over the pure elation. Rivera and Morris have been standout stars of the show, whose chemistry has lit up the screen and set hearts on fire. Their bubbly personalities, infectious sweetness, and gripping performances have catapulted them into one of televisions most pined after couples. In the first season of Glee Santana treated Brittany as if she was a puppy dog or a play thing, someone to pay attention to or use at her whim. However, there was always a touchstone for fans to cling to with a smile, a look of the eyes, or a slight touch between these ladies, something beneath the surface which made the fandom so damn instantly smitten. As Santana's layers were revealed, with the gentle and patient help of Brittany, it was shown that it was Santana's own insecurities and difficulties in accepting her sexuality that made her treat Brittany that way. It was Brittany who made her see she could accept her truth, own who she was, and let her walls down. In turn, Santana made Brittany feel like both the beauty and brains she is. All of her life Brittany was told that she was dumb, but with Santana by her side, she always knew she had a brain as big as her heart. The two complimented each other in ways that went beyond normal boundaries and fans knew that their love, no matter what, was inevitable. And as Brittany has said, "you can't recreate what we have."

Season after season it seemed like Brittana was the fandom of choice for the Glee writers to torture, and now it seems like a once all but dead vision of a real happy ending for Brittana fans was springing vigorously back to life. These aren't the only rumors that have been spreading through social media, there has now been talk of a possible bedroom scene that could turn the fandom into a pool of mush. If there is any truth to it, then Brittana fans might have the payoff they have gripped tightly to that has been kept alive both in prayers and fan fiction. For a long time fan fiction seemed about the only hope that Brittana could exist in a world that didn't continually have it out for the fans. When you're in the world of fan fiction anything can happen, and your fandom always ends up together.

It's hard to conceive that with the series finale fast approaching that the Glee writers wouldn't want to leave all fandoms with hope, happiness, and faith - after all, the theme of the show since day one has been to never stop believing. With the devastating passing of star Cory Monteith, the full culmination and desired series finale stings and feels bittersweet. As we approach the 2015 final season of Glee, no matter which characters you ship, you just want to know that being a faithful fan will have the right payoff for the years of love, heartache, laughter, tears and investment. Glee hasn't always made it easy for fans to have faith, but when you have an OTP, you cling to every last glimpse, slight touch of hand, look of the eye, or smile, or undertone.

Even at its rockiest, Glee has had a steadfast message that we are all underdogs, and there is nothing, and no one, we cannot be. There is nothing you can't accomplish with faith, hope, dreams, drive, and a special group of friends. If you want it, go get it, it can be yours. I have had so many mixed emotions throughout the years, but as season six nears the horizon with news that Brittana may finally show fans that it is possible in television for two women to have a happy ending, Glee may be leaving a lasting legacy. I had lowered my expectations for season six, but now I can't help but say, Glee, I'm still yours. Faithfully.

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