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On Breastfeeding: My Body, My Choice

The shame, punishment and misinformation needs to end now.

“No woman should be forced, shamed or manipulated into giving another person the use of her body against her will — whether that means sex, pregnancy or breastfeeding.”

“Breastfeeding is only “free” if you don’t count the mother’s lost wages during ... nursing or pumping — or if you think women’s time is worth nothing.”

“Admiring African mothers for being “closer to nature” is just the myth of the Noble Savage all over again.”

“When hospital lactation consultants pressure cancer survivors with double mastectomies to breastfeed, can we all please agree that lactivism has jumped the shark?”

“Lactivism — like other strategies of the War on Women — promotes the belief that women’s pain should be minimized, disbelieved and ultimately ignored.”