On Evolutionary Love, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

An unedited first draft text from forthcoming book, The Path and Practice of Outrageous Love by Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid

What is the difference between ordinary love and Outrageous Love?

Ordinary Love: At the level ego self you can only access ordinary love. This is the love that seeks ego-centric security and comfort. It is the love that lives in the limited confines of your personality. Your personality might also be referred to as your ego self or your separate self. Your separate self is conditioned by your social, psychological and cultural contexts. Ordinary love is weak precisely because it is sourced in the separate self of a single individual. It is not bad. It is simply limited. When you evolve beyond your exclusive identification with ego self -- to True Self -- you begin to be in contact with the larger field of existence. You realize that your true nature is your True Self which is the one self in which we all participate.

An exterior physical manifestation of this largest context of One Self has been called the Zero point field in physics. Another exterior expression of the dynamic nature of the One Self is what the cosmologists at the Santa Fe Institute referred to as the fifth force of the universe. But seen from the interior this fifth force and zero point quantum field are the urgency of Eros, and the field of outrageous love.

When you awaken to Outrageous Love, the field becomes alive and active in your personally. You awaken as in irreducibly unique expression of the outrageous love intelligence. Unique Self, which we will unfold in law three, is the portal to Outrageous Love.

Outrageous Love: There is only one heart and one love. This is the love that is source itself. Bengali mystic Tagore said, "Love is not mere sentiment, it is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation." The ancient Shamans would say to a person before a journey of awakening, "may you find your heart in this journey and may you discover that your heart is the one heart." The great philosopher of science Alfred North Whitehead referred to evolution as "the gentle movement towards God by the gentle persuasion of love." Christian mystic Dante talked about "the love that moves the sun and the stars."

All of them were pointing to the truth of what we are calling Outrageous Love. They were pointing to two different dimension of outrageous love. Outrageous love is both the ground of being and the motive force of becoming. Being and becoming refer to two different dimensions of all-that-is.

To be continued...