On <i>Lost</i>: "Eggtown"

Last night's episode effectively kept up the frantic pace that this season has set, answering some really good questions while effectively bringing up new ones. Namely, why does Kate have Claire's baby?
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Hey Lost fans, this is Jay from "The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack," and I will be heading up the new Lost blog here at the Huffington Post. Each week, the day after a new episode of LOST, I will post the latest thoughts and theories swirling around each new episode.

With last night's episode "Eggtown," we found out the 4th member of the Oceanic 6 is Kate Austin. We saw Kate in last season finale's shocking flash-forward reveal, but we were not certain whether or not Kate was a member of the Oceanic 6. There was quite a few big questions and reveals in last night's episode, so lets take a look at them.

Who Kate Had To Get Back To:

In last season's finale, Kate told Jack that she had to go back to someone: "He is going to be wondering where I am." Who was this person she had to get back to? This was one of the many questions that swirled around the Season 3 Finale. Now we know: her son. Well -- Claire's son -- but that is a different reveal.

Was Kate Pregnant - And Whose Child Is It?:

Since last season's cage hook up between Sawyer and Kate and the reveal that the island increases men's sperm count ten fold, we've been led to believe that Kate was preggers with Sawyer's island love child. Right up until we saw the toddler with blonde hair, right up until Kate said, "Hi Aaron," this theory was holding true. In that instant, we were all shocked (aside from my girlfriend who called that it was Aaron early on in the episode). A million new questions were raised in true LOST style, but not before some answers were finally settled.

Miles' $3.2 Million Offer:

The "Boaties" made more splashes as well. Miles's urgent need to talk to Ben ended up being an odd bribe to cover up Ben's existence on the island in return for 3.2 billion dollars. Ben asked the logical question that I'm sure we were all asking too: "Why 3.2 Million?"

Where is the Helicopter?

Sayid, Desmond, and Frank Lapidus's piloted helicopter had not yet arrived on the boat a full day after it left the island. This is a rather startling revelation to Jack, the islanders and the viewers.

Jack's Alternate Story of the 815 Crash:

A nice shocker was Jack's not-so-truthful explanation of what happened after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Since last season's finale, we have been wondering: What are they covering up? Most theories assumed that not all of the survivors were off the island with Jack and Kate -- and when we heard Hurley screaming, "I'm one of the Oceanic 6!!" in this season's excellent premiere, it was confirmed. This, of course, leads to more questions. Did the rest die? Is there a cover-up? We all assume that there was a cover-up. Jack's story of only eight surviving the crash and Kate playing the role of hero all but confirmed it. So we have ourselves a nice, juicy conspiracy. Now what?

Last night's episode effectively kept up the frantic pace that this season has set, answering some really good questions while effectively bringing up new ones. Why does Kate have Claire's baby? Why did Jack lie about the events of the plane crash? Where in the world did that helicopter go? Why does Miles want $3.2 million? Why does Locke let Ben get inside his head? And most importantly: Why can't Kate just choose Jack or Sawyer already? Well, I guess that would be rather boring for the over-all story, but it annoys me when Kate bounces back and forth with who she wants this week. Just flip a coin if you're having that much trouble!

Leave your comments here on what your theories or answers are to last night's episode. Also, be sure to check out my previously mentioned podcast, "The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack." You can find it on iTunes by searching "Jay and Jack" or "Lost Podcast". You can also find it by checking our website, JayandJack.com.

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