On Mother's Day, I Thought of Mother Cow

Last weekend when I celebrated Mother's Day with my family, I couldn't help but think of mothers around the world -- not just human mothers, but mothers everywhere. In Vedic culture, which has roots in ancient India, there are actually seven mothers: our birth mother, our guru's wife, the wife of any priest, any nurse, the queen, Mother Earth, and Mother Cow, who gives us milk. All of these mothers must be honoured equally. We would never do harm to our birth mother, and as most of us consider ourselves environmentalists, we would never knowingly do harm to Mother Earth, either. If anything, we protect our mothers.

Right now, Mother Cow is under extreme duress, tortured and slaughtered for her flesh. Because cows suffer, so does Mother Earth as a whole. Cowspiracy, the controversial 2014 documentary that exposes the beef industry, identifies animal agriculture as being responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions (yes, more than the transportation sector, including cars), water pollution, species extinction, ocean dead zones, and more. Animal agriculture is responsible for more than 90% of Amazon destruction. Over a hundred million acres of rainforest have been clear-cut, and over a thousand activists who dared to speak out have been killed in Brazil. Raising animals for slaughter is the most pressing environmental issue, and yet no one wants to talk about it.

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