On Mother's Day: To all the Little Girls

Misogyny: hatred or dislike of women or girls

I’m aware it exists. So does bigotry. Racism. Anti-Semitism. Xenophobia. Homophobia. But I don't think misogyny is the reason why “SHE” lost.

This is the same country that elected an African American President—a country in which racism is still alive and well. 44 was elected and re-elected even though there were so many who adopted (and perpetuated) the notion that he was born outside of the United States. In other words, 44 was elected in spite of racism.

So, in that case, SHE could have been elected in spite of misogyny. But SHE wasn't.

IMO, SHE lost not because SHE didn't have a penis but rather because of the perfect storm that ensued along the campaign trail: the emails, Russia, Comey, some of her husband's unfortunate choices, a deplorable faux pas, Wisconsin, a horrible tragedy that took place on her watch, overly measured composure, a trip on a curb. And, she lost because there were a helluva lotta unhappy struggling people in between New York and California who put their faith in an unconventional candidate who said HE heard them. I might have voted for him too if I couldn't feed my family or pay for health care. I have compassion for these voters. I do. I get it. They’re suffering. They voted for a someone who offered them radical hope. No matter what else he was. Did. Said. Stood for.

HE could have been an uber driver, the pizza delivery guy, a shooter on 5th Avenue. We were ready. It was the year of the anti-politician, the firebrand who finally heard (or professed to hear), the hurting.

Time will tell.

And finally, for those who were fervently displeased with 44, HE was somebody who could undo all of 44’s efforts. After 8 years of frustration, even some of my 45-voting colleagues admit, HE was a gift. A messiah. Not unlike how the Dems felt after 43, though perhaps not to the same extreme.

It simply wasn't HER turn. HER time. But I don't think it was because SHE had ovaries.

Woman should demand equal pay. Equal opportunity. There are a countless double standards that need unstacking. There should be more women elected to office in general. I'm so tired of the photos of all the dudes behind The Dude. WTF? What are we, chopped liver? A women gave birth to every single man in this picture for G-d sakes.


I'm sure all mothers will agree (no matter how we voted), we don't ever want our daughters to buy into the idea that their gender will be an obstacle. Even if there's some truth to it, believing in ourselves can over-power reality.

Another woman will be the first female President some day. Hopefully 46. But it won't be because she's a woman or because it's her turn. It will be because she's the right candidate. At the right time. With the right message. A woman who truly hears everyone. It might have been Hillary. But the storm was too perfect.

I'll say this much for HRC, she didn’t shatter the glass ceiling but she sure loosened the lid of the glass jar. My friend's 13-year-old daughter Isolde Fair, was invited to the Women in the World Summit to perform her original song inspired by the words of Hillary Clinton’s November 9th concession speech. I'll leave you with that.

Happy Mother's Day to all you women out there (mothers or not), to Hillary, to Malania, to all the young ladies, and...“To all the Little Girls.”

Take it away, Isolde.

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