On Planning

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You know you're doing something wrong when your parents won't even let you talk when you're in their house. And you know you're definitely fucking up when one of your best friends is getting all of your other friends together to band against you. But that's exactly what is happening to America right now.

The Speaker of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom says that the President of the United States is not welcome to address Parliament on his visit later this year. And an editorial in Der Spiegel yesterday called for Europe to unite in opposition to America and its current policies. The American-led world order that America spent so many lives and dollars creating and maintaining is crumbling as I type this sentence. And while the existing order has many many many flaws within it, and has so many inherent contradictions forming its foundation, the looming breakdown of it is going to be so so so ugly.

The scary part is that this is part of a plan. Not Trump's plan. He's the guy who doesn't read executive orders before he signs them. He can't think one step ahead in a game of checkers. But this is Bannon's plan. The same guy who said that Trump is just "a blunt instrument for us. I don’t know whether he really gets it or not.” This guy may have bad and evil ideas about the world, but he can at least piece together and follow a plan.

And we seem to know the plan. The (very) White House is pissing off allies (England, Germany, Israel, somehow Australia), eroding the public's confidence in everything we hold dear (the media, the courts, voting, our moral standing in the world), taking away our health care, attacking women, polluting everything, giving the banks legal cover to fuck us even more than they already do, making America white again, literally walling us off from neighbors, poking ideological enemies in the eyes (Iran) and pledging to build up our already bloated military while we can't even fix poisoned pipes in Flint. This plan looks like a plan a fascist would make.

But maybe Trump will get too rattled that everyone thinks Bannon is calling all the shots and fire his racist ass.

And then we can focus on getting his tax returns released and promptly impeaching him for whatever it is he's hiding.

We've got to get our house in order.