On the First Day of Summer, My True Love Gave to Me

'Tis the season. A time of tradition, a time of s'mores. A time for families to gather round the campfire, as visions of sugar peas dance o'er your head. Toast your marshmallows, roast your weenies, wassail the seas, and go from door to door in hearty fellowship and revelry, singing all of your favorite beloved Summer Carols with those you love. It's the First Day of Summer. Rejoice!

Deck the halls with corn and peaches,
Fa la la la la la la la la
Let's go check out all the beaches,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Don we now our swim apparel.
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Let's get tanned, and then go carol.
Fa la la la la la la la la.

I'm dreaming of a wine spritzer,
Just like the one you're sipping slow.
All those tasty bubbles
Would make my troubles
Dissolve like quickly melting snow.
I'm dreaming of a wine spritzer.
With every glass I'd feel so fine.
May your daze be merry like mine.
And may all your sips be filled with wine.

Have a holly, jolly summer.
It's the best time of the year.
Say goodbye
To folks and fly
As far away from here.
Have a holly, jolly summer
And when you walk down the sand
Every day
You lounge and pray
You'll come back thin and tanned.

Oh, ho,
Away you go
Where you won't be bored.
Find some vacation spot,
That you can afford.

Have a holly, jolly summer.
But in case you cannot roam--
Then, by golly,
Have a holly jolly
Summer at home.

Weenies grilling on an open fire.
(Most have fallen in the pit).
Jimmy's off pinching his sister Sue,
And Billy's acting like a twit.
Everybody spit.
It's summer at the barbecue.
Burgers mixed with sand and dirt.
Although we've been sprayed
Many times, many ways,
Still, mosquitoes do hurt.

So, I told him,
"A bun bun bun bun."
A hot dog has a need:
A bun bun bun bun.
This is my fervent creed.
A bun bun bun bun!
Oh, find me one, I plead!
A bun bun bun bun.
Bun bun bun bun.
Bun bun bun bun.
Me and my bun.

Rudolph, it looks like rain, dear.
Listen now to mom, she knows.
Be sure to wear your slicker.
You don't want to spoil your clothes.
All of the other rain gear
Helps to keep your body dry.
Buckle up your galoshes.
Do it, and don't ask "Why?"

It's so foggy I can't see,
Sand has turned to mud.
Rudolph, with your shoes once shiny,
Clean them or I'll whack your hiney

That's why I bought you rain gear.
So as dry as toast you'll be.
Rudolph, it looks like rain, dear.
Wear it or you're history.

O little frown of tedium
We sit inside and wait.
Above the clouds pour forth their rain
This boredom, o we hate.
We look towards sunlight shining
And say with all our heart,
"This long delay
Will end, we pray.
The ballgame soon to start."

Whose child is this
That has lost his mom?
A lifeguard calls amidst crying.
He sits alone
With an ice cream cone --
The child's eyes, though, are not drying.
Where, where, could his mother be?!
The beach will close, it is half-past three.
There, there, she comes for her child
And once again makes her son merry.

We wish you a merry August
We wish you a merry August
We wish you a merry August
And the end of July.