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On the Ohio Campaign Trail: Jennifer Brunner's Drive for U.S. Senate

Brunner discussed why she chose to run for federal office at this time.
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In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs. FEC allowing unlimited corporate spending on elections, I have been examining how our campaign finance system fosters corruption, while exploring the challenges facing reformers running for office as part of my forthcoming film PAY 2 PLAY.

These profiles from the Ohio campaign trail are a chance for candidates to get their message out in a way they might not be able to otherwise, while observing the obstacles and considerable costs in running for office. No endorsement is implied by the inclusion of any of the candidates in this series.

Jennifer Brunner, Secretary of State of Ohio (D): Running for U.S. Senate in the May 4th Democratic Primary

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner took the time to speak to me as she embarked on the maiden voyage of her "Courage Express" -- a school bus with a shiny makeover, a modest alternative to the rock star-quality campaign tour bus that typically rents for two grand a week.

With her husband and dogs hanging out behind her, Brunner discussed why she chose to run for federal office at this time, the cost prohibitions in advancing your ideas in campaigns today, and her proposals to improve the financial problems Ohio faces through green economic initiatives.

Jennifer Brunner's website is In the May 4th Democratic Primary in Ohio, she is running against Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher, whose site is

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