'On The Road': Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund As Marylou And Dean Moriarty In Film Stills (PHOTOS)

Burning like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars, Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund feature in the first photos from the long-awaited film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's beat generation-defining novel, 'On The Road.'

Hedlund plays Dean Moriarty, the fictional version of Kerouac's friend and muse Neal Cassady while Stewart plays his on again-off again wife, Marylou.

Moriarty and Sal Paradise (played by Sam Riley), the narrator/Kerouac stand-in, travel back and forth across the nation in search for adventure, booze, women and meaning, in an epic that helped encapsulate an entire generation of writers and artists living in New York City and San Francisco.

PHOTOS (via Movieline):