On Its First Official Day In Office, The Trump Administration Manages To Alienate The Press, The Public, And The Facts

Poor Sean Spicer has his work cut out for him.
Sean Spicer; Communications Director
Sean Spicer; Communications Director

If the events of the past few days tell us anything, it’s that it’s definitely going to be an interesting next four years. When was the last time you saw a newly-minted press secretary call a special briefing specifically to admonish members of the media for their “gang-like” tactics?

Sean Spicer, President Trump’s spokesman, twisted and butchered so many facts during his seethingly aggressive rant - one which CNN chose not to broadcast live - his Twitter handle should be changed to @SeanSplicer. For a new administration, adopting an adversarial position right out of the box isn’t the best way to greet the huddled masses. But, for Team Trump, it’s yet another step on the way to total internal implosion.

Just one day in, and they’ve already succeeded in enclosing themselves in a self-imposed “bubble.” A bubble designed to keep the facts out and their delusional opinions in. But, perhaps this is their strategy? By shutting themselves off to the outside world, they are free (they think) to run the country as they see fit, not having to answer to anyone but their own misguided intentions and beliefs. If that sounds like the workings of a fascist regime, you’re probably not wrong.

Fascists, separatists, purveyors of alternative facts, alt-right nut-jobs, etc., whatever you want to call whatever it is they’re planning on doing up there, if the first few days have showed us anything, it’s that nothing the Trump administration says will ever amount to a hill of beans.

In just twenty-four hours, it’s already quite obvious our new POTUS seems hell bent on spending the next four years lying, denying, bullying, and plagiarizing. Whether it’s a stolen Twitter pic, a carbon copy of Obama’s inaugural cake, use of a Stones song without their permission, the speech he claimed he wrote that he didn’t, or flat-out rejecting known facts regarding the inaugural attendance, if there’s one thing our new commander in chief is good at, it’s the art of misdirected anger. He’ll just do what he wants to do and, if called on it, simply send out the “Piss Boy” to make up some wild story of how what everyone, but them, thinks is true, is actually the exact opposite.

Trump’s entire campaign was based on deflecting tough questions by getting angry. Whether it was foreign policy, or his tax returns, if he didn’t have, or know an answer, he simply admonished the person asking it and moved on, trying to embarrass that individual with chants of “U.S.A.!” in his wake.

The world media has a much louder voice than a single reporter or concerned citizen, so, now that a proxy will be doing much of the talking for the orange windbag, poor Sean Spicer clearly has his work cut out for him. He has the unenviable task of figuring out a way to mimic the now-famous ferocity his boss has perfected, and he has to do it on the world stage. It’s early, but judging by the looks of it, he’s well on his way.

Opening your first address to the nation with unwarranted and baseless aggression, directed toward pretty much everyone, is the best way to impart to the rest of the world that the Trumpian-style of brazen, bullying, fact-ignoring tactics will run uninterrupted, unfiltered, and unchecked within the administration’s representatives, as well as obviously the President, himself.

It’s not going to be easy, though, as the more they resist these inconvenient things called facts, the more they’re going to be shoved in their collective faces. At the moment, the administration appears to think of themselves as the “immovable object” standing firm against the “irresistible force.” What they don’t realize is, the truth is like water through a mountain. Eventually, it will wear you down, until there’s nothing but a pebble where mighty Everest once stood.