On This Memorial Day, I Ask ...

That you not be fooled into thinking that being liberal means you have no respect for our men and women in the armed forces. That is a lie perpetrated by people who have a monetary agenda and have never served a second of military duty.

That you remember that George McGovern, the man the right labels a peacenik, flew dozens of missions in WW II.

That when you hear a Republican talk about tax cuts, that means benefits for veterans as well as food stamps for the needy, some of whom are a veteran's family.

That you remember that it was George Bush Jr.'s administration that tried to close a VA hospital in New York City that serves THOUSANDS of personnel. A liberal Democrat, Charles Schumer, kiboshed this craven act.

That flying into Iraq in the dead of night and parading around a fake turkey is not the same as providing our troops with body armor (see W. again).

That liberals and conservatives have lost friends and family in defense of our country.

That when you hear a Republican call liberals soft, remember that the only physical Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage can pass is as a contestant on "The Biggest Loser."

That Memorial Day is not a day for sales and sleeping in. It is a day for visiting a VA hospital or writing a letter to a veteran, giving aid and comfort to our heroes.

That it is not a holiday, it is a day of observance, like Yom Kippur, or Good Friday.

That a prayer (or moment of silence) today is a thoughtful act for the bravest, most focused Americans we have. Bless them all, those that are here, and those that are gone.