On Trump's Initial Refusal To Call Out White Supremacists

Let’s get something out of the way immediately. We know that President Trump made a statement Monday condemning white supremacists. But our reality television president waited 48 hours before condemning these awful individuals and their actions in Charlottesville, Virginia. We here at Outspeak wonder why it took so long. We’re left wondering whether or not our president believes white supremacists are part of his base. We’re wondering where we go from here and we’re not alone in our anxiety.

As the alt-right mobilizes, we need a strong leader who’s willing to condemn this awful behavior and take a firm stance immediately. However, when looking at Trump’s campaign, it seems that appealing to racists was never a mistake

This needs to stop. Domestic terrorism is unacceptable and we need to encourage thoughtful discussion around multiple perspectives in the United States, but we don’t need to tolerate Nazis. We don’t need to tolerate hate. We do need to give a voice to everyone regardless of their skin color, and leading by example.

To help give us some perspective on Trump’s insufficient response and the events in Charlottesville, we’ve got the good folks at Double Toasted here to offer some much needed context to the situation. Listen to their conversation and start a conversation with the people in your lives.

Our voices are stronger than the alt-right.