Once Again, Palin Contradicts Herself on Climate Change

Whenever Sarah Palin is fixin' to grab to some headlines, she writes a Facebook note and an accompanying Washington Post op-ed. Then, she picks fights with anyone who dares to criticize her weak grasp of the issues.

Such was the case yesterday. After writing a grossly inaccurate op-ed on climate change, she was criticized by Vice President Al Gore. As expected, she quickly fired back.

Yet in her desperate attempt to make some news, she contradicted both her actions as governor and her statements during the 2008 campaign. For instance:

Sarah Palin yesterday:

I just don't think we can primarily blame man's activities for the earth's cyclical weather changes.

Sarah Palin in 2008:

There are man's activities that can be contributed to the issues that we're dealing with now, these impacts.

One of theses days, the news media will catch on to Palin's tricks and stop covering her factless outbursts as "news."