"Once" Couple Splits In Real Life

"Once" Couple Splits In Real Life

The real-life romance that blossomed out of Oscar-winning indie "Once" is over. Glen Hansard confirmed he is no longer dating Marketa Irglova. The previous unknowns co-starred in the 2007 film and became international sensations, eventually winning last year's Oscar for best original song for "Falling Slowly" and getting a record deal. Since then, they have toured together, but now it's just as friends.

"It did become a real relationship," Glen tells the Sydney Morning Herald ahead of their three night run in the Sydney Opera House. "I think it was just a very natural part of what we were doing together. We had made the film (Once). We had gone through so much with the Oscar. Of course, we fell into each other's arms. It was a very necessary part of our friendship but I think we both concluded that that wasn't what we really wanted to do. So we're not together now. We're just really good friends."

Here they are performing "Falling Slowly" on Letterman in 2007:

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