'Once Upon A Time': Belle's Cursed Memories Bring Out Her Dark Side With Rumplestiltskin In 'Lacey' (VIDEO)

Sunday's "Once Upon a Time" introduced us to "Lacey," Belle's rebellious Storybrooke alter-ego -- and although Belle is the epitome of goodness, her cursed self is completely the opposite: a booze-drinking pool shark who appreciates a bad boy far more than a kind heart.

Although Rumplestiltskin was initially furious with Regina for reminding Belle of her cursed identity, and determined to help her remember her true self by being the best version of the man she fell in love with, it didn't take long for the Dark One to revert to form, brutally beating the Sheriff of Nottingham with his cane ... something that Lacey seemed to think was kind of a turn-on.

With both halves of Beauty and the Beast being pretty beastly, are the pair about to go on a Bonnie and Clyde-esque rampage of wrongdoing? Since Rumple still needs to be on his best behavior to reconcile with his newly found son, it will be interesting to see how he's torn between those two extremes, given that he's trying to impress both of the people he cares for most.

Elsewhere in the hour, Snow and Charming suggested the possibility of returning to the Enchanted Forest to Emma by revealing Anton's crop of magic beans to her, but our heroine still seemed reluctant to leave the world she's always known for her true home, even if her parents are longing to go back to ruling their kingdom. She might not get the chance, however, since at the end of the episode, Regina -- in full on trouble-making mode this week -- discovered the secret crop. Will she destroy the beans, or does she have a more creative purpose in mind for them?

The episode also introduced us to the dashing Robin Hood, who stole a magic wand from Rumple in order to save the life of a pregnant Maid Marian -- would you like to see more of him next season?

What did you think of Belle's dark turn in "Lacey"? Weigh in on the episode below!

"Once Upon a Time" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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