Once Upon a Time There Were These 3 Stupid Emails

This is nuts...

I was scrolling through my email inbox this afternoon and ran across three "stupid" emails. They're from a mailing list vendor I've spent money with in the past.

Here are the subjects of the three emails:

  1. Why you may be interested in us
  2. Why (XYZ) List Company?
  3. The reason for our success

Take another look at those three emails. Notice anything "wrong" with them?

Uh... yeah!

They're totally self-centered for starters. They focus on the company -- not on me... the reader... the buyer.

Plus, these three email subject lines failed the BIG test... they didn't get me to open the message!

In fact, I was about to "click them into oblivion" with my delete key when the idea of writing an article about them struck me. That's the only thing that gave them a stay of execution -- at least for a few minutes.

So, what could the list broker have done?

Well, for one thing they should have given some thought as to what might be going on in my head. In other words, what might I be looking for and/or thinking about when I received these emails?

I recommend taking significant time crafting headlines, including email subjects. But, here are some quick ideas that crossed my mind.

Possible alternate email subjects:

  1. Will this mailing list work for you?
  2. Are these your prospects?
  3. An additional prospect list...
  4. 2 mistakes on your mailing list...
  5. 10 more prospects for you
  6. 6 names left off your list

They could take any of those subjects and write relevant tie-ins to an article and sales message. I would probably open any or all of them and at least see what they're all about.

Give me a little more time and I could crank out even better subject lines.

My point is this...

If you're going to take the time to enter the email inbox of your clients and prospects, do your best to present information in a way that is "customer-focused" not "you-focused."

Take a look at your current and pending email promotions. If you were a buyer or prospect on the "receiving end," would you open them?

(By the way, the body of each of the three email messages was just as bad as the subject. Completely self-centered -- totally disconnected.)

Now, I gotta go delete those emails out of my inbox.