One Berner's Plea, for Her Haters to Take a Closer Look at Hillary

I'm a huge proponent for Bernie Sanders. I revel in his deeply held beliefs (which so mirror mine), his dedication to social justice, and his consistency. I also think Hillary Clinton is intelligent, a seasoned and successful diplomat, and not totally out of touch with her community roots. I would love for Bernie to win the democratic nomination and am caucusing for him here in Alaska later this month.

If he doesn't win the nomination though, it will be imperative for all Dems to rally around Hillary. With that being a distinct possibility, I find it frustrating that Secretary Clinton has been so demonized, especially within our own party. Is she perfect? Nope. But who among us is? Besides, to succeed in politics today for most politicians means some blurring of the lines. It's not just her, it's the system, and to call her out without giving context of the flawed system -- to me -- seems naive.

I picked up her book, Hard Choices, this week, plowed through it in just a few days, and really enjoyed it.

I posted a version of this little rant online today and a friend asked what the book said about her ethics. I replied, "To me, the book said that she's a person who tries hard to always do the right thing, but that sometimes the right thing is complicated. She also takes responsibility for situations where her actions had a bad result, or where she could have done better, which I think is very cool and fairly uncommon."

The book also gave me some insight into her as a person and made me feel more confident in her ability to lead. Plus you get a bird's eye view into some major world events that took place while she was Secretary of State, which is fascinating! I highly recommend it for those who question her.