One Big Reason to Support Bernie This Super Tuesday - He Can Beat Trump; Hillary Cannot

It's been exactly a month since I published my piece in the Huffington Post on the Top Ten Reasons to Support Bernie Sanders, and more and more people are coming to agree with this position. Of course, there are still those sticking to the obsolete narrative that somehow being more "mainstream," Hillary is a more viable and electable candidate. As I said, "Yes... any year but this one."
I was casting about for something to post with only a few days before the Super Tuesday caucuses in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Colorado, American Samoa and Virginia, and this morning, my colleague Mark Crispin Miller sent the perfect post by Nathan J. Robinson in Current Affairs magazine. Please read the entire piece here and share it widely.

The article offers compelling evidence that Hillary is more vulnerable to Trump's style than Bernie, that Bernie will focus on issues rather than being drawn in by Trump's attacks, and that he has the ability to actually convert Trump voters. Hillary, on the other hand, carries tremendous baggage and more videos like these are likely to surface when the "real" campaigning begins.

Now is when we choose the scenario we get this fall. Will we have a candidate to get behind who is courageous, authentic, stands for something, and is about we and not about himself? Oh, and one who will activate the young voter?

Or will we have to continually defend Hillary against herself, lest we end up with a fascist dictatorship a la Trump? If you doubt what a Trump presidency would be like, please notice how Trump currently runs his campaign by goon squad. The Presidency will be no different.

As the article concludes:

Democrats should consider carefully how a Trump/Clinton matchup would develop, and how a Trump/Sanders matchup would. For their sake, hopefully they will realize that the only way to prevent a Trump presidency is the nomination of Bernie Sanders.