One Direction 3D Movie Sneak Peek: Band Gives Fans Inside Look At Upcoming Concert Movie (VIDEO)

A Sneak Peak At 1D In 3D! (VIDEO)

Directioners eagerly awaiting an inside look into their favorite band's world tour will have a long wait ahead of them -- but today, they got a taste of the excitement in store. A new sneak peek from the boys' upcoming movie, set to hit theaters in August, aired on Daybreak and made its YouTube premiere this morning. The new flick will follow the boys around the globe on their world tour -- and apparently features some shirtless shenanigans (yes, in 3D!).

In the short teaser clip above, the boys get a little emotional about their experiences together.

"As a group," says Zayn, "We're stronger then if there was five people by themselves."

Directioners shared similarly emotional reactions in the video comments on YouTube ("Oh my god, nobody touch me, so many feels"). Check out the snippet above to see the action for yourself.

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