One Direction And Demi Lovato: Does Niall Horan Have A Crush On Demi? (VIDEO)

During a dangerous game of "Romance Rapid Fire" in a recent interview with etalk, the One Direction boys were shown photos of female celebs and told to write on a whiteboard which member would most like to date her. Although the game quickly devolved into giggles (and one slightly inappropriate drawing by Louis), a very important piece of information was revealed: Niall may have a major thing for Demi Lovato. Across the board, literally, Niall's name popped up after Demi's photo was shown, and Harry even chose to elaborate by writing "Niall dreams dirty things."

Rumors of Niall's crush on Demi will come as no surprise to die-hard Directioners. After Demi gushed that Niall was "adorable" in a video interview earlier this year, the Daily Mail claimed that the two could be the "next teen dream couple."

To say that fans are excited about the potential pairing would be an understatement. "Niall y Demi" has been a repeat worldwide trending topic on Twitter -- fueled by young Lovatics and Directioners -- and "Nemi" has become an affection petname for the could-be couple. Adding more fuel to the Twitter fire, Demi tweeted at Liam and Niall last night: "hey boys... did you know..... i can speaka to the munkey...... ?!" (We're not sure what that means, but we'll pretend it's code for: "I love you, Niall.")

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