One Direction Onesies And 11 Other Ridiculously Expensive Pieces Of Fan Merch

How much would you shell out to wear a onesie designed by your favorite member of One Direction? The customized PJs, adorned with handprints from Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, go for a whopping $129 - $159. Directioners predictably flipped for the idea, but weren't so thrilled about the price tag.

The onesies are expensive, but they're at the cheap end when it comes to intense fan merchandise. From a $999 14-karat gold "Mockingjay" pin to a $3,399 "Star Wars" LEGO set (yes, you read that right), price seems to be no object for superfans with big budgets. Click through the slideshow below for the most ridiculously expensive fan merchandise.

Luckily, not all fan merch is so exorbitantly priced. Check out our official (and affordable) gift guide for the Directioner in your life here.

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One Direction Onesies