One Direction New Video: 'Live While We're Young' Premieres Early! (WATCH)

One Direction's New Video Premieres Early! (WATCH)

One Direction fans flocked to YouTube by the thousands today when "Live While We're Young," the british boy band's first single off their highly anticipated new album, premiered on the boys' official VEVO channel -- days earlier than anticipated.

Watch the full video for "Live While We're Young" above.

The LWWY video follows Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik on an epic summer adventure -- from a camping trip to the ultimate beach party, complete with a shirtless Niall and inflatable banana.

The song delivers what fans loved about the last album: a poppy, energetic, happy-go-lucky track. This time, however, the boys seem to care less about finding that "one thing" than about having fun. Sample lyrics: ''Lets go crazy, crazy, crazy until we see the sun. I know we only met, but lets pretend it's love.''

Though Harry and Liam were the frequent leads in the group's first two singles, "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing," the group's resident "bad boy" Zayn carries the main vocals in "Live While We're Young," perhaps fittingly.

The video was released on September 20, instead of in October, as originally planned, in reaction to a one-minute clip being leaked early Thursday morning. The clip showed Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn swimming by the lake on a camping trip. The clip was pulled from Youtube after Directioners began tweeting links, but screenshots continued to circulate online.

The band has been creating hype around the single for months, announcing via Twitter, YouTube and in interviews.

"We wrote an absolutely cracking song that we're all kind of very excited about," Niall said of "Live While We're Young" in an interview with MTV News.

Their sophomore album, "Take Me Home," will be released this November. "Live While We're Young" is one of the fastest selling pre-order singles in history.

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