One Direction Prank: Band Gets Tricked By 'Pregnant' Woman On Nickelodeon (VIDEO)

When we heard that Zayn and Louis of One Direction pranked the rest of the boys -- Harry, Liam and Niall -- on Nickelodeon we knew it would be amazing. But when you add three hidden cameras and an actress pretending to be a pregnant producer going into labor, the results are completely priceless.

Watch the boys sing to her baby in an attempt to "calm him down," and see the horror on their faces when she yells, "THE BABY IS COMING RIGHT NOW!" For the short version, fast-forward to 5:15 for Harry's hilarious reaction when he finds out that it was all Zayn and Louis.

As Louis aptly put it, "Harry was the worst!!" But one commenter reacted to Harry's concern differently, writing: "This is just one more reason why Harry Styles should be the father of my children."

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