One Direction Wedding Dance: Groom Surprises Bride With Choreographed Performance

How This Groom Brought One Direction To His Wedding

There aren't many men who would willingly listen to British boy band One Direction, let alone dance to one of their songs.

But Montreal groom Sunjay Mathews upped the ante for men across the globe when he and four friends performed a dance to One Direction's outrageously popular song "What Makes You Beautiful" for his lucky bride, Katie, at their August 25 wedding.

Mathews began by pretending to give a speech to Katie in front of friends and family but, after a quick signal to the DJ, Mathews started singing along to One Direction. His friends -- two of whom were groomsmen -- gathered round as Mathews passed off the microphone, at which point the five men jumped into an amazing dance number. Apparently, the group practiced the dance, which was choreographed by Mathews' friend Connie Wu, for two hours every Sunday for about a month to get all the moves down for the Big Day.

The groom told HuffPost Weddings that he considered older boy band tunes like N*SYNC's "Bye, Bye, Bye" and "Tearing Up My Heart" before landing on "What Makes You Beautiful." But, he said that One Direction's song really "sums up" his new wife.

"She is gorgeous, but she is very humble and doesn't even realize how stunning she really is," he said.

Mathews isn't the first groom to get groovy for his wife to the hit song. Another groom and his friends danced to the tune at a wedding reception on August 28, and a third wedding party did the same in March.

One Direction does have some competition for most-used wedding song: fellow teen heartthrob Justin Beiber's "Baby." Click through the slideshow below to see seven wedding videos featuring Beiber's song.

Bieber Fever At Weddings

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