Mom Photographs One-Handed Daughter To Show Her Life's Possibilities Are Endless

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is hope. A New Zealand mother uses photography to show her daughter that the possibilities for her life are endless.

Photographer Holly Spring's daughter, Violet, was born with only one hand and a serious bowel condition known as Hirschprung's disease. The disease affects the large intestine and is treated with bypass surgery. Shortly after birth, Violet faced life-threatening complications during her surgical procedure. It was then that Holly Spring understood just how important it is to capture every precious moment.

'I realized I would have had no decent quality memories of her after that [possible death]," she told the Daily Mail Australia. "So my husband bought me a camera, a DSLR, and from that point on I started shooting her growing, and going from strength to strength."

Spring creates whimsical imagery using digital alterations and layering, with her 4-year-old daughter as the focal point. In one photo from her collection, little Violet can be seen floating on the breaking waves of the ocean. In another, she stands beside a towering giraffe.

Spring's goal is to show her child -- whom she calls her "muse" and "heart" -- that "there are no limits to what she can achieve if she just believes in herself," Bored Panda notes.

"Always find time to bring out the best in your kids," Spring writes on Facebook, "make it fun for them and they will reward you with the most amazing moments!"

Check out more photos on the Holly Spring Photography website and on Facebook.