This Brilliant Allegory Just Nailed The Solution To One Of The World's Greatest Problems

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a silent, one-minute animated short?

Well, the video above seems to be worth a cajillion words as it shows a solution to one of the world's biggest problems: global hunger.

The video is a representation of an ancient story called "The Allegory of the Long Spoons." In the story, each person fails in their attempts to fulfill their own needs.

But when they finally learn to look beyond themselves, and share resources and strength through cooperation and good will, they collectively succeed as a family.

The message is crystal clear: Together, we can end world hunger.

The video was created for a Catholic humanitarian aid network called Caritas as part of their One Human Family, Food for All campaign. This 18-month campaign began in December 2013 and aims to end hunger by 2025 through raising awareness and helping people around the world feed their neighbors and families.

This kind of work is world-changing, given that hunger plagues nearly one billion people even in the year 2014.

To learn about different ways you can engage with your community to work toward a fuller tomorrow, visit One Human Family, Food For All's commitment checklist here.

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