One Humanitarian's Simple And Profound Answer To The Trump Era


To say that Islamophobia is a potent force in the United States right now is an understatement. President Trump’s rhetoric during the election was extreme. From talk of a Muslim registry to seemingly endless misogynistic behavior and statements, many Americans are terrified of what the next four years will bring. The role the media plays in all of this ― and questions about how it can help make a meaningful difference in combatting hate ― are both complex and more pressing than ever.

During a panel discussion about the role of the media at Watch Us Run, HuffPost Women’s inauguration day event, author and humanitarian Zainab Salbi offered one simple strategy: Love.

Zainab, who is from Iraq and has spent much of her career helping women who’ve survived wars rebuild their lives, spoke from experience. 

“The biggest warning I have — and I’m using my experience growing up in an authoritarian regime — is when you use anger to be your drive, you eventually become the very thing you despise, and that is very, very dangerous. So we need to speak up, but we have to do it with love,” she said.

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