One In Four Women Deliberately Posts Unflattering Pictures Of Facebook Friends, Survey Finds

Whether they had a falling out with a friend or were seeking revenge against someone who shared a similarly bad picture, one-fourth of women admitted to having tagged unflattering photos of their friends on Facebook, according to a new survey from photo gifting site MyMemory.

The survey, which polled 1,512 women over the age of 18, found that two-fifths of women admitted to purposely posting picture of a friend not wearing makeup.

When asked to remove an unflattering photo, one-fifth of the women surveyed said they refused.

Nevertheless, 65 percent of the women polled said they would be angry if a friend posted a bad photo of them -- even though most admitted they've committed their own acts of "photo sabotage."

"To see that so many women deliberately commit ‘photo sabotage’ and upload unflattering pictures of friends is somewhat surprising, particularly when you consider how many said they’d be mad if the same was done to them," Rebecca Huggler, co-founder of MyMemory, told the Telegraph.

Facebook photos have been the subject of a number of studies in the past several months.

In June, research revealed that Facebook users' choice of a profile picture may be influenced by their cultural background.

And in March, researchers at the Center for Eating Disorders found the majority of Facebook Timeline users had used the feature to observe their weight at different times in their lives. The researchers said this ability to excessively monitor one's weight could be a contributing factor in the development of eating disorders.

What's more, the study found that 75 percent of Facebook users were unhappy with their bodies, and that 51 percent of those surveyed pointed to Facebook as something which makes them more conscious of their appearance.

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