19 One-Liners That Sum Up Parenthood Perfectly

Parenting is so many things to so many people -- everyone's experience is unique. Or, that's what we'd like to think. When we look to Twitter, though, we find that parents have certain, hilarious universal experiences. We've pulled together some of the best fill-in-the-blank responses to "Parenting is..." from around the Twittersphere. It's difficult to sum up parenting in one sentence, but these tweeting parents do an amazing job.

90% of parenting is peeling clementines and lying about what time it is.

— Bunmi Laditan (@BunmiLaditan) February 4, 2015

My favorite part of parenting is after I drop my kids off at school.

I'm kidding. It's after they go to bed.

— Draper (@CallMeDraper) August 7, 2014

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