'One+Love' App Helps You Find Your Niche Of The Queer Community

The face of what it means to be queer in the digital age is constantly changing -- and our smartphones are adapting in order to keep up.

Queer means a lot of things to different people, and it can be hard to find organizations, gatherings and resources that cater to smaller, more niche identity groups within the vast queer spectrum. In response to this comes "One+Love," an app that creates a personalized and comprehensive listing of groups, resources and businesses catering to your specific idea of what it means to be queer.

"It’s a circular dial that allows you locate yourself along the sexual and gender identity spectrum," the app's Indiegogo campaign notes. "You can orbit the planet of LGBTQ identities and tap into communities that 'get you' -- and organizations and other resources that 'get it.' This app feature allows you to cue your crew, collect your folks. And leave checkboxes far behind. With our slider there's no need to contain your fluidity!"

In the age of marriage equality where LGBT identity is becoming increasingly normalized, the importance of an app like this for the queer community can't be stressed enough.

"One+Love" is currently engaged in an Indiegogo campaign in order to finance the project. Head here for more information.